Embedded electronics

Embedded electronics

Our official diagnostic tools allow us to cover a wide range of makes and models of vehicles up to the most recent.

We offer real troubleshooting for on-board electronic systems as well as multiple interventions related to control units such as cloning, coding, adaptations, repair or even software updates.


Our team is able to offer in-depth troubleshooting including complete checks of the wiring harnesses.

The use of official tools with regular updates allows us to perform complex coding and OBD diagnostic operations. 

Reading and clearing fault codes (DTC), streaming live data, updating modules, adding or retrofitting special options are also part of our skills.

 Control modules 

We carry out various operations including cloning, data transfer, or component repairs.

This is the best financial alternative to replacing with a brand-new module which can sometimes exceed several thousand euros.

Some examples of supported units:

  • Engine control unit (ECU)
  • Instrument cluster 
  • Airbag unit (SRS, ACSM …)
  • Comfort modules (BSI, UCH, BCM2, FRM)
  • Steering column (ELV …)

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