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Projet de restauration d'un toyota BJ40 chez Limitless Work Shop

On going restoration !

001 – Toyota BJ40 1980

Project start : December 2020


This is the first restoration project done at Limitless Work Shop. The main objective is to clean, protect and refurbish all parts and the entire chassis as to obtain a long lasting and beautiful result. A brand new epoxy paint will also act as a perfect anticorrosion treatment and give a wonderful finish. The old drum brakes will be replaced with discs and calipers. We have also decided to install an electric power steering for better driving confort.

Our team has entierely rebuilt a 3.4L 3B engine in order to replace the stock 2.9L block.  Electrical harnesses will also be home made and reretoued to ensure a nicer finish and more efficient installtion thanks to modern equipement.

Finally, the interior will stay as close to the original spirit as possible. A few modern  touches such as a centeral display unit combining an audio system and a navigation unit will be installed.