About our team

and workshop

About our team

Yohann Gilles was able to improve his automotive basic training skills in high-end and competition vehicles at EK Performance in Montreal, Canada. He was subsequently able to join a Volkswagen dealership as a technician. Yohann has an excellent knowledge of the vehicles of the VAG group, including the luxury brands Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini.

Sébastien PONS followed a basic training as a senior technician in aeronautical maintenance. He joined the Breitling Jet team in 2015 as a mechanic. Then he obtained his license and ratings on Airbus A320 family aircraft at AMAC Aerospace, Switzerland. He was able to acquire a great deal of knowledge in automotive electronic systems thanks to his passion for computers and automobile.

Yohann and Sébastien have each followed all live work training for electric and hybrid vehicles (B2VL, B2TL, TST)

Our workshop

On the strength of their various experiences, Yohann and Sébastien wanted to bring together all their knowledge and working methods in the creation of this new generation car repair workshop in Baillargues, close to Montpellier.

A point of honor was placed on the aesthetics and practicality for quality work.

The workshop has an area dedicated to repairs of battery packs and electronics in general. We monitor the quality and condition of our tools very closely, especially all measuring tools requiring annual calibration.

A three-phase charging station is available for our customers’ electric and hybrid vehicles.