General mechanics

General mechanics

We attach great importance to the condition of our customers’ vehicles.
Monitoring the maintenance intervals recommended by manufacturers and the use of original parts are essential for an increased service life.

We source our products directly from manufacturer networks or from trusted suppliers guaranteeing specifications that are identical to the original.

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Routine maintenance

The services offered in our workshop include routine maintenance of vehicles of all brands and the replacement of engine parts, suspensions, braking, etc.

Engine oils and lubricants

We use SHELL oils in order to offer premium quality approved by the biggest brands including VAG Group, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Ferrari, Porsche and more!

Maintenance of automatic gearboxes

Our professional station allows us to perform complete oil changes of automatic gearboxes. Thanks to this process, the entire system is flushed, including inside the radiator and the torque converter.

Tire mounting and balancing

We take care of fitting, balancing and repairing tires up to 20 inches, including runflat series!